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Here you will find links to the latest baby book headlines.

Who is reporting and saying  what about books written for babies and toddlers and books written about them?  

I am constantly keeping my eye out for up dates on new books in the market and fun and interesting points of topic and reviews on baby books.  

As I scan the newspapers, magazines and blogs of the world I will keep adding the articles of  interest I find.

This page of baby book headlines will contintually be up-dated and changed as the news, blogs and headlines are up-dated and changed.  So bookmark it and keep coming back.  It will be a great source for baby book ideas.

The Baby Book Headlines

Baby Book Headlines

Who’s the Great Mantini now?
Cry It Out: Memoirs of a stay-at-home dad
By Mike

A few months after Emmeline was born, I remember reading a parenting book that offered tips on getting along with toddlers — which is to say how to make them do what you want them to do with a minimal amount of tears and screaming. “Gossip with their stuffed toys!” it suggested. It’s an old parenting trick, I know. But as Emme approaches her third birthday, she has been testing every boundary known to man... So I’ve been using her puppets like my own personal clique of Heathers, asking them whether they “saw what Emme just did?!”

Children's book reviews: big monsters, little ghouls
Scotsman - United Kingdom
18 October 2008

In Mine is Bigger Than Yours!by Jeanne Willis & Adrian Reynolds (Andersen Press, £10.99) Scary Monster tries to bully Little Green Hairy Monster into handing over her lollipop by pointing out that he's got bigger feet (for kicking), a bigger tail (for tripping), bigger claws (for scratching) etc...

Kids' tales that will warm hearts and chill spines
Seattle Times - United States
18 October 2008

Sweet and scary books for kids this fall include Caldecott winner Kevin Henkes's tribute to an old bear. "Old Bear" (Greenwillow Books, 32 pp. $17.99, ages 2-6), doesn't disappoint. It's a fanciful introduction to the seasons, as a bear dreams about napping in a giant pink crocus during spring and watching a blueberry rainstorm in the summer. The illustrations are as vivid as the text is lean...

'Green' Mom and Author Makes it Easy Being Green
Medill Reports - Chicago,IL,USA
October 18, 2008

When environmentalist Jenn Savedge couldn’t find the resources she needed to raise a green family, she went out and did the research herself. Then she wrote a book about it. And then another. And then, finally, a third. Giving a presentation on her first released book "The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Eco-Friendly Living" at Evanston's Green Living Festival.

Sharing Books With Babies a Bright Idea
Kingston This Week - Ontario, Canada
October 18, 2008

Maybe the saying should be “What you see is what you have to give.” Knowing what babies see can help adults know what to provide. High contrast, black and white books are perfect for sharing with a newborn. Pages that show solid black pictures, geometric patterns, or facial outlines on white pages are beautifully geared to a one or two-month-old.

U.S. Parents' Baby Knowledge Lacking, Study Finds
Reuters, Chicargo, Sun May 4, 2008
By Julie Steenhuysen

Nearly a third of U.S. parents know surprisingly little about typical infant development, and this lack of understanding can rob their babies of much-needed mental stimulation, researchers said on Sunday.

Celebrities Write Children's Books
Akron Beacon Journal - Akron,OH,USA
Jun 22, 2008

In between gigs, a gaggle of celebs have jumped into writing children's books with nice, innocent messages and morals. Here are some of the latest on shelves.

Children Need Books, Not Quangos
The Sunday Times
June 22, 2008

I’ve yet to meet a pre-school child who didn’t love a story or a six-month-old baby who didn’t get excited about a picture book. It’s hard not to share the triumph of a child who has managed to read his or her first proper book all by themselves...If you want your children to read, read to them daily from an early age, give them great books, plenty of encouragement and the occasional kick up the backside. Switch off the screens half an hour before bedtime and send them to bed with a book. Most importantly, set an example and read yourself. There are volumes of difference between literacy levels and literature.

‘At a stretch I can almost imagine using a cherry stoner or veggie wedger if burglars had stolen all our knives’
Sunday Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
June 22, 2008
In a new book, Parenting, Inc, author Pamela Paul reasons that the vast majority of baby-related products are totally unnecessary, and that we are investing in our children "as if they are little businesses".

Please share with us your thought about these and any other baby book headlines that you read.

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