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If you are looking for some baby book ideas then one of the best places to go is other parents. Book ideas from other parents can help guide you in your selection of books for your baby and about your baby.

Several parents have told me that they don't actually need to buy their baby any books as they have been given so many as gifts. The teacher in me feels really happy to hear that people are giving books as gifts as there is no doubt that the best chosen books can make the most loved gifts. However I believe this also is a bit of a hit and miss way to create your child's book collection.

Reading MUST be fun and the best way to ensure it is fun, is to ensure you have some very treasured favourites in your collection.

Baby Book Idea

Each family has their own favourite books. Books that their baby just loves and books they have found really useful to learn all about having a baby.

I hope the following lists of well loved and recommended baby books will help you find the right books for you and your family.

Please send us your baby book ideas we'd love to add them to our site.

Our Favourite Baby Books By:

Most parents I come across are really doing all they can to bring the love of books and reading to their young children. However one mother has bought that to a whole new level for me. She has created a blog from the perspective of her baby, soon to be toodler which is totally dedicated to all the books they have read together, the books they look forward to reading and even ones they believe are worthy of an award. It is the most fantastic record of the books that they have shared together and most come with a review of how both the baby and mother felt about the book. It is an inspiration to us all.
Check it out: Cronicle of an Infant Bibliophile: Reviews from a baby bookworm

Baby Book Recommendations From Parents

Please send us your favourite book lists

Please send us your baby's favourite book list.

You could also send us a list of books about baby that you recommend.

If you have enjoyed reading these recommendations from other parents, please send us your baby book ideas, we'd love to feature them on our site.

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