Baby Books
Baby Books

Baby Einstein DVD Collection

The Baby Einstein DVD Collection consists of 21 DVDs. Baby Einstein DVDs are designed for babies as young as three months.
There are three collections and each contains seven powerful DVDs to get your baby's education started off in an entertaining and interactive manner.
It's a tremendous addition for parents of any age, no matter how many children they have!

baby einstein products

Baby Einstein Stage 1 - 7-Pack includes: Baby Shakespeare (World of Poetry), Baby Neptune (Discovering Water), Neighborhood Animals (Discovering Familiar Animals), My First Signs (See and Sign With Baby), Baby's First Moves (Get Upand Go!), Baby Bach (Musical Adventure), and Baby Mozart (Music Festival).

Baby Einstein dvd Baby Einstein Stage 2 - DVD 7-Packbaby einstein dvds includes: Baby Santa's (Music Box), Baby Van Gogh (World Of Colors), Baby da Vinci (From Head To Toe), World Animals (A Musical Safari), Baby Monet (Discovering The Seasons), Language Nursery (Voices From Many Lands), and Baby Beethoven (Symphony Of Fun).

Baby Einstein DVD Baby Einstein Stage 3 - 7-Pack

Baby Einstein DVD Promotes Joy of Learning

By Amanda J. Michella

Joy of learning always beats genius as a straight flush beats a pair of eights.

Recall an episode from The Paper Chase. It begins, "I'm a genius you know." Ford declares the fact flatly. Not bragging. Just reporting.

Baby Einstein DVD collection

"My college roommate was a genius," Hart says, tentatively sipping his drink. "Certified genius. IQ off the top of the chart. Matter of fact, he was the one who first told me about Harvard Law." Hart looks Ford right in the eye. "We took the LSAT and applied to Harvard. He didn't get in, and here I am drinking with you." Hart, the simple Midwestern boy, shrugs. "Genius," Hart shrugs again.

At Harvard Law, in Berkeley graduate programs, in Cambridge undergraduate programs, the geniuses frequently number among the first to flunk out. Students with insatiable curiosity and a passion for learning complete their degrees and advance in their professions. The Baby Einstein DVD series promotes children's passion for discovery and learning.

The Baby Einstein DVD collection does not make geniuses.

Baby Einstein videoNo, no matter how many times you replay each and every award winning Baby Einstein DVD, the series will not make your child a genius. It will, however, spark his curious, inquiring mind and inspire him with a lifelong passion discovering the wonders of the great big world all around.

They insist. They come right out and declare it. They do not hesitate. They agree, and they take a firm stand. Artists, writers, editors, producers, directors, and consultants on the series flatly assert a Baby Einstein DVD does not make your baby smarter. Watching and listening to "Baby Mozart" will not assure Junior's admission to Julliard. Watching "Baby Wordsworth" will not empower Junior to attend Cambridge and become Poet Laureate. Watching the entire boxed set will not prepare Junior to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Baby Einstein dvdsThe people at Disney who collaborate on these remarkable videos do insist, however, their collection will forge an unbreakable bond between you and your child, and it will inspire Junior with a lifelong desire to discover and learn more. Educators will testify they prefer one child with a love of learning over a school bus load of geniuses. The Baby Einstein DVD collection promotes pure joy, unspoiled delight in learning about all the amazing things the world holds in store.

Amanda J Michella is an home economist. For more on the Baby Einstein DVD Collection please visit

Baby Einstein Products

Baby Einstein Musical MobileThe Baby Einstein Musical Mobile will delight your little one with adventure discovering their fun filled world with Baby Einstein "Jungle Discovery". The musical mobile play Brahms lullaby, while spinning gently to soothe baby to sleep. This irresistible group features playful lion, elephant and monkey.

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Baby Books
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