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Baby Books

Baby First Book Collection

What books are ideal first books for babies?

There are several kinds of books that are ideal for your baby first book collection such as:

Baby's first books come in a variety of shapes, types and sizes such as:
baby first book
  • Board books
  • Soft cover picture books
  • Small sized for little hands
  • Waterproof bath books
  • Fabric books
  • Different shape books
  • Books with rattles
Books can have words or be wordless. Wordless books are a wonderful way to encourage you to talk with your baby about things around them without being told what to say by an author.

What would baby want to read about in their baby first book collection?
  • Other babies
  • Animals
  • Loved characters
  • Things in their world
You could never read a book too many times to your baby.  Your baby will soon have favourite books and you will be amazed at how quickly they grow to love certain books.  Find books that you will love and enjoy too.  Always ensure that reading is a fun and loving experience to ensure your baby wants to do it again and again.

Black and White Contrast Books

Black silhouetted shapes on a white background (or the other way around), are ideal for a newborn as they provide a high contrast, allowing your baby to clearly see the pictures as their eyesight is developing.
Black on White
Black on White (Baby Board Book)
Tana Hoban

A wordless black and white contrast book which features a leaf, a bib, a key ring and an elephant.

1993, Greenwillow; Brdbk edition

Look Look Look, Look! (Baby Board book)
Peter Linenthal

This black and white contrast book also features words to extend the book and make it more interesting to older babies as well.  “A car races”, “flowers bloom”.

1998, Dutton Juvenile; Brdbk edition 

First Words Books

Your baby first book may be a first words books.  These books have one or two words per page.  This allows you tell a story about the pictures you see to you baby.  It also helps your baby's vocabulary expand.

Out and About Out and About  (Baby Board Book)
Easy -Open

I love this book.  It is illustrated with black and white photos, however the picture of the featured word on each page is in colour to help it stand out.  The story is of a little boy playing at home, getting ready to go the park, walking there with his dad and finally playing there and having a picnic.  Any parent and child will relate to the story.

Walker Books

First Words Bright Baby First Words (Bright Baby) (Baby Board book)
Roger Priddy

Bright, vivid and clear photos make this first word book a popular one with all babies.  One word and picture per page make it easy to see.  There are many others in the series such as: farm, trucks and colours.

2004, Priddy Books

Little Flap Books

Little flap books make wonderful baby first books.  They are:
  • Fun
  • Create an element of surprise
  • Help to develop small motor skills
  • Help develop speech and language
  • Provide great ways of talking to your baby
  • Introduce simple question and answers
Oh Dear
Oh Dear!   A Lift-the-flap book
Rod Campbell

A simple story about a little boy named Buster who goes to stay on his Grandma's farm.  Grandma asks Buster to fetch the eggs and he goes all over the farm in search of them.  He visits the cow in the barn, the pigs in the sty, and the dog in the kennel along with other animals.  Each time the animal is hiding under the flap bringing the element of surprise.  The repetitive sentences will help to attract your baby's attention and hold it.  As baby grows older they will be able to read this book to themselves.
There are other books about Buster, such as Buster Gets Dressed, Buster's Day and Buster Goes to Playschool.  He becomes a much loved character.

Touch and Feel Books

Your baby first book collection should include some touch and feel books.  The tactile experience helps books come alive to babies and teaches your baby about different textures.  It is great to help you introduce words such as: soft, bumpy, smooth, rough and fluffy.
Baby Animals Baby Animals (Touch & Feel) (Board book)
Dorling Kindersley Corp

DK books never disappoint.  This one uses photographs of animals with cloth on each animal for the baby to touch.

1999, Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd.

Rhythm and Rhyme Books

Don't think you need to only have board books in your baby first book collection.  Although the two books below do come as board books, from 12 months on your baby may well surprise you at just how well they can handle the paper back version.  

Rhythm and Rhyme books:
  • Provide entertainment and development.
  • Have repetition which helps to get your baby's attention and hold it.
As your baby gets older listening out for familiar words can help them become involved in the story and engage with it.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
By Bill Martin, Jr.
Pictures by Eric Carle

I think this book is a must for every babies bookshelf.  It has repetitive sentences perfect to maintain baby's attention. 
"Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?"
"I see a red bird looking at me."
The book introduces colours and animals together.  The illustrations by Eric Carle use tissue paper and are big and bright.
Be warned baby will request this book and you will end up reading it over and over.
2008 sees the anniversary edition of this well loved classic.

2008, Henry Holt and Co. BYR Paperbacks; First Edition.

Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy
Lynley Dodd

This is the first in a series of books about the famous dog Hairy Maclary.  In this book Hairy Maclary goes off for a walk with several of his other dog friends including Hercules Morse and Bottomley Potts.  With repetitive sentences and loveable characters this book is sure to win a place in your babies' heart as well as your own. 
Winner of the 1984 Children's Picture Book of the Year Award, it has also attained accreditation as a Premium New Zealand Bestseller and gone Platinum!

2001, Tricycle Press

Books You Can Sing To

Books that are the words to favourite songs can really help you have fun reading together.  They are idea for your baby first book collection. Your baby loves the sound of your voice most especially when you sing.  Actions in nursery rhymes and songs can help to develop movement and co-ordination.  The following two books are well recommended for your baby first book collection.

Ten in the Bed Ten in the Bed
Penny Dale

"There were the in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over".  This well known song makes a
wonderful bedtime book (if sung calmly!). The little baby counts down with his animal friends as each one falls out of bed with a different sound, bang, ouch, thud. 
Walker Books

If Your're Happy and You Know It If You're Happy and You Know It (Board Books) 
Annie Kubler

Other books in this series include:  Row, row, row your boat, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and The Wheels on the Bus.  Wonderful books for a baby first book collection.

2001, Child's Play International

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