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Below you will find an article on baby names and meaning to help you find the perfect name for your baby!

Also find out what the top 100 baby girl names and top 100 baby boy names are for each year.

Is it important to you to know the meanings of baby names? I guess that really does depend on the name. Baby names and meaning can be very significant so I think it is important to at least find out what the meaning of your baby name is before you have filled in your baby's birth certificate. You never know!

Recommended Baby Names Books

There are numerous baby names books on the market but there are only a few that come well recommended. The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby currently has nearly 100 reviews on which gives it the highest vote by parents as a well recommend baby names book.

Read more about the most recommended baby names books!

Can you recommend a baby names and meaning book? Please send us your reviews.

Baby Name Meanings

By Peter Emerson

Names, whether biblical, historical, or modern, have a meaning. Names are not just random words but reflect the very nature or essence of the baby on which the name is bestowed. A given name is what distinguishes a baby from other family members.

Baby in most cultures is named a few days after birth, amidst religious rites and celebrations. Fairy tales describe how all the magic folk came to the christening of a child and bestowed many blessings as well as good wishes.

Historically, one can see that people followed specific norms or rules when naming their child. Some used the names of deities worshipped by the family or simple terms meaning daughter of or son of, like "Abel," which means "son of Adam and Eve." People also named the babies after their ancestors or guardian angels.

The etymology of names can include: personal traits (Ace meaning first one); objects (Peter meaning rock, or Adam meaning red earth); literary characters, like Nemo or Alice; physical traits like Calvin, the bald one; a place, for example Brittany; or a color, Violet; or a flower, Jasmine or Rose.

Sometimes names signify attributes. For example, Kacey means brave, Hannah and Sean mean graceful, Ida or Quinn means intelligent.

In the case of names originating from religious books like the Bible, you will find that Anastasia means resurrection, Catherine means pure, Diana means the moon goddess, Evangeline means good tidings, Caleb means bold, Dominic means belonging to god, Stephen means protected and Sampson means son of the sun.

Names are often custodians of history and life. They are everlasting reminders of people, places, events, and ancient cultures. Many names in use today have origins in the Old Testament, Bible, Koran, the Vedas, and so on. Did you even think that the English name Aaron, meaning exalted or high mountain, originated from the Hebrew Aharon, which most likely was of Egyptian origin? Similarly, Agnes is from the Greek Hagne, meaning chaste. Saint Agnes was a virgin martyred during Roman times.

Modern names derive from nature and beautiful things like flowers, gems, or much wanted characteristics, like Lily, Ruby, or Joy. Modern parents often create names by adapting or shortening old names or using devices like initials or anagrams to create a unique name for their child.

Think about it carefully. A name is what your baby will be known by not just in this life but perhaps even centuries later.

Baby Names provides detailed information on Baby Names, Baby Girl Names, Baby Name Meanings, Baby Boy Names and more. Baby Names is affiliated with Baby Clothing Stores.

Baby Names Book Review

Baby Names Book The Very Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World
By: Bruce Lansky
Choosing a baby name is a very personal experience.  Actually it is a huge responsibility and we all want to get it right. But how do you go about choosing the perfect name for your baby?
In this revised edition, of the 1984 book which sold over 3 million copies Bruce Lansky's 'The Very Best Baby Name Book' includes baby names and meaning all that you will need to choose the perfect name for your baby.Read the rest of our review

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Other Baby Names Books

I know first hand that you need to refer to several baby names books before you feel really confident in your decision, even if you were like us and chose a name quickly.  So I have included two more baby names books below that you might also like to read. They include baby names and meaning.

top 100 baby boy namesWhat's In A Name?
By:  Osborn, Susan
Publisher:    Pocket Books

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top 100 baby girls namesAmerican Heirloom Baby Names
By:  Danforth, Charlotte
Publisher:    New American Library

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Baby Names and Meaning

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