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Baby Books

Baby Shower Book

Are you looking for a baby shower book to help you plan a baby shower? This is the perfect place for you to start as this page will direct you to the most recommended baby shower books.

If you are anything like me then time will be of the essence and you will want to get onto your organizing as quickly as possible. To help you out I have included some instantly downloadable e-books that will not only help you save time but offer you original ideas too!

Happy planning!

Baby Shower Guest Book

baby shower guest bookA baby shower guest book would make a wonderful gift for any new mum to be. Let's face it when it comes to giving gifts some new mums to be usually have most of what they need by the time the baby shower comes around.

If you are attending a baby shower with a well organsied mum then why not give her a baby shower guest book instead to really capture the moment.

Baby Shower Games

baby shower games to playbaby shower bookBaby shower games can be a lot to organize and you will be helped by some great hostess tips in several of the books on baby shower games to play we feature here on our site.

The Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game

nursery rhyme baby shower gameThe nursery rhyme baby shower game is one of the most popular baby shower games there is - along with Bingo! Games are great fun to play at baby showers but the baby shower nursery rhyme game is a must. This game really helps prepare the new mum to be by helping her brush up on her nursery rhymes.

Diaper Cakes

diaper cake for baby showerDiaper cake for baby shower gifts are the hottest baby gift trend today. I found a training video series on how to make the most perfect baby shower diaper cake!!!

This appeals to me much more as I am a visual learner and watching someone else do something and then having a go myself is a much better way for me to learn anything!

Recommended Baby Shower Books and Games

baby shower book Baby Shower Games Direct

Enjoy 48 truly original games created by professional artists exclusively for this package. You won't find these games anywhere else... And your guests will be "wowed!" by just how original your party really is! In fact, not only will you be the talk of the town, but also people will be asking you for advice on baby shower party games! Click Here!

Grab everything you need now from just one website. You can instantly access a complete baby shower package that you can download in 2 minutes flat from now. You'll have everything you need in just a few clicks without any stress... Even if your baby shower is as early as tonight!

baby shower games to play The Baby Shower Kit™ includes detailed step-by-step information on:

· Budgeting Your Baby Shower
· Choosing a Venue For Your Baby Shower
· Choosing Your Baby Shower Theme
· Creating Invitations For Your Baby Shower
· Preparing a Registry For Your Baby Shower
· Preparing and Serving Food
· Managing Your Baby Shower
· Games For Your Baby Shower
· Party Favors For Your Baby Shower
· Opening Gifts At Your Baby Shower

The secret of this book is to teach you how you too can have the time of your life preparing this baby shower for someone you truly care about.

The Baby Shower Kit™ helps you plan an unforgettable celebration. This book will help you turn an ordinary, traditional event into a unique, personal experience that the guest of honor and her family will never forget!

Here is a baby shower book that will help you have heaps and heaps of fun at your next baby shower.  Imagine being able to play hundreds of games that you can easily download.

Click here for the Best Baby Shower Games on the internet! Print and play in 5 minutes. They're unique, easy, and fun.   This includes 'Nursery Rhyme Titles'.

Recommended Baby Shower Sites

Baby Shower Ideas Galore
Precious Baby Shower Ideas to help you welcome the little one and pamper the Mother-to-be. Unique baby shower themes, invitations, homemade favors, decor, games and party supplies galore.

Direct Source Games
Is your personal pipeline to a great selection of baby shower games and other best-selling games and gaming magazines at true direct-source prices.

Wedding and Baby Showers Favors and Wedding Supplies 
Wedding and baby shower favors and wedding accessories

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