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Baby Shower Games to Play

There are so many baby shower games to play but I must admit I had not idea.  Well I have to be honest and say that I have never been to a baby shower.  That's not entirely true...I felt like I went to the one on 'Sex and The City' and then there was the one on 'Friends'!  Actually this just leaves me thinking they are more of an American tradition.

But as I have asked others and learnt about the baby shower games to play I have to admit that they sound like great fun and I am keen to host one for one of my many pregnant girlfriends now.  

I loved hearing about the 'My Waters Have Broken' game, that would be hilarious and a great game to play. Baby shower games can be a lot to organsie and you will be helped by some great hostess tips in several of the books below.

Please send us your favourite baby shower games to play and we will add them to the site. 
Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games: Fun Party Games and Helpful Tips for the Hostess 
Sharron Wood and Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

Enough sheets for a party of 15 this spiral bound pad is perfect to help you organsie a fun party with great up to date games to play.

100+ Baby Shower Games100+ Baby Shower Games (100+ series) 
Joan Wai

You'll be able to organise many parties with different games once you have this books...from word games to relays, craft related games and ones that include dad this book is packed full of ideas.  It comes well recommended.
2005, The Brainstorm Company

The Best Baby Shower Party Games 2The Best Baby Shower Party Games 2 (Party Games and Activities)
Courtney Cooke

If you are after pencil games this book contains 4 of them with duplicates for 8 people.  It also contains 4 groups games.
1999, Medowbrook

The Baby Trivia : A Fun Game to Play at Baby ShowersThe Baby Trivia : A Fun Game to Play at Baby Showers 
Courtney Cooke

52 trivia questions to entertain your guests.  

2005, Medowbrook

Baby Shower BingoBaby Shower Bingo 
Escape Concepts

Bingo makes a great baby shower game.  Bingo but with fun baby phrases.This one comes with 23 cards and one master card for you to cut the words you call out.  Guest can use markers or stickers to mark their cards.  

My Water Broke Baby Shower GameMy Water Broke Baby Shower Game
Baby Cakes, Inc.

Heaps of fun!  As each guest arrives at the baby shower they are given an ice cube with a little plastic baby inside.  They have to watch their ice cube and the first one to melt must yell "My waters have broken".  Instructions and game pieces are included

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