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Natasha , mother of Lucy aged 13 months recommends:

A Baby Book My Baby Loves Is:

I Love My Mommy Because...
By: Laurel Porter-Gaylord

This baby story book is beautifully illustrated (by Ashley Wolff) with pictures of animal mummies and babies. Lucy turns the pages quickly to get to the final page to see the little girl cuddled up with her mummy reading a story - her absolute favourite part.

I Love My Daddy Because...
By: Laurel Porter-Gaylord

Just like "I Love My Mommy Because...", this book has beautiful pictures and doesn't have a story as such, so if you have a little page-turner, it's fun just to dip in and look at the animals and talk about what they're doing while letting your toddler turn the pages.

Slinky Malinky Catflaps
By: Lynley Dodd
Great story, very rhythmic - I especially like reading this one out loud, sound effects and all. Lucy loves the pictures, especially of Slinky Malinky coming through his catflap "whiskers all twitching and eyes shining bright".

Where is Hairy Maclary?
By: Lynley Dodd

Lift-the-flaps books are the best for busy little fingers and Hairy Maclary stories are always a winner!

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