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Child Picture Book Recommendations

 Anjella, mother of 2 ½ year
 old Olivia and 1 year old Eliza recommends:

Child Picture Book
Kisses for Daddy
Frances Watts and David Legge

We love this child picture book and we have been reading it to both girls since they were born.  It naturally lends itself to dad joining in to reading time, and we can all do the actions together.  A really fun and sweet book.

2008, Little Hare Books

Child Picture Book
Olga the Brolga
Rod Clement

This is a wonderful  book for kids of any age.  The story rhymes and the illustrations are beautiful, with lots of animals and colours for little ones to point to and comment on.

2004, HarperCollins Australia

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Please send us your baby book recommendations we would love to add them to our site.

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