Baby Books
Baby Books

Create A Baby Book

Why not create a baby book for your baby to love?

The teacher in me gets all excited when it comes to making my own books. I notice several of my teacher friends also suffer from the same problem, I guess it is just a classic teacher thing!

There is just something about a personalized and home made book that would have to make any baby feel extra loved. Homemade books also make great gifts.

Here you will find ways to create a baby book from simple ideas you can do at home to professional customized baby books. I really wanted to create a baby book but found it so hard to find the right solution for me as there were so many options. In the end I created the book of my dreams with Picaboo.

Enjoy and get creative. When you create a baby book you are proud of send us your ideas and creations we'd love to include them on our site.

Making a Photo Book

steps to making a book
Here are the steps to making a book for your baby.

It is a simple idea and anyone can make at home. I can almost promise it will be very loved by your baby. This book is hard wearing and one that your baby can handle over and over.

I made this book for my son Jamie when he was a baby and I can't count how many times we have read it and it is still going strong!

Great Book Projects to Make With Your Child

To make your own book with your child you need to gain a few great ideas on how to make a book. There are many steps to making a book that you will find useful for family projects. Learn more about how to make books based on the ones your child loves to read.

Sitting and reading with a child can be one of the most rewarding activities you can ever share. Now imagine that the favorite book the child chooses is one that you have created for that child or that child has made with you. Kid' projects are projects done for and by kid's.

These projects tend to become your child's favorite books and ones that are shared time and time again. Read more...

Sew Your Own Baby Book

baby book making
Sew your own baby book projects are a fun and easy way to create a baby book. Here one mother gives clear instructions on how she sewed a book for her baby.  

You can see her many other great homemade projects for babies here too.

Professional Customized Books

I would like to share with you the two companies I use to create photo books. PhotoBox Ltd and Picaboo. Both companies deliver internationally, but you will find PhotoBox will offer better postal rates to UK residents and Picaboo will offer better postal rates to US and Canadian residents.


With Picaboo you can Make a Baby Scrapbook and Make A Baby Photo Book as well as many other books from your wedding album to a holiday or gift album. What makes Picaboo stand out for me is their free downloadable software programmed. You are in complete control every step of the way while you are guided on how to create the ultimate photo book.

Picaboo Offers!
Picaboo This was what helped me sign up to create my first photo book with was their 50% off for first time customers. I am now really happy to be able to offer this to you as well to help you create your first photo book. This helped me finally put off just talking about creating my baby book and actually make it. I totally love mine and I'm sure you will too. It is fun and easy to create and you can also share an on-line version of your book for free as well!
8.5x11 custom photo book. Buy 1 get 1 free with coupon code: 1PB1GF-CB

Create a custom photo book for Mom. get $10 Off your Mother's Day Book. Start now!

Photo Box

You can make customized books by having your photos and own text made into a professional book for you by PhotoBox Ltd .  They have a range of books you can choose from. I also love the way you can turn your photos into anything from a calendar to a coffee mug and fridge magnet with Photobox. I have to say these make fantastic gifts and we have given them many times over to our family in the UK.

Personalized Photo Books - Your book, your way! Choose from a range of covers & page layouts then add your own photos.

Create A Baby Book IlluStory: Make Your Own Book Kit
Creations by You

This kit has won many awards including 'Creative Child Toy of the Year'.  With it you create your own digital baby book and make a professionally produced book.  This could be a great idea for an older sister or a brother to use to make a baby book.

Bookmaking Basics

Create A Baby Book How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book
Esther K. Smith

This is a step by step guide of the bookmaking basics.  You can make simple or complex books for your baby using this guide.

2007, Potter Craft

A Life Book

A life book is a detailed outline of a child's life.  A life book uses words, photos, your child’s artwork, computer graphics, and memorabilia, much like a scrapbook to detail your child's life.  Find out how one family made a life book for their adopted child to honor the child's first family and show how much they belong to their family.
Please share your ideas on how to create a baby book, we'd love to add them to our site.

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Baby Books
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