Baby Books
Baby Books

Crochet and Knitting Free Patterns

Crochet and knitting free patterns.  There is nothing more wonderful than to be able to go to the internet and download a pattern for free.  Today thankfully this is possible.  There are many free baby knitting patterns available on the internet today.

There are also some truly wonderful and inspiring patterns books that you can buy and own for yourself and then hopefully pass on to your own children.

Here you will find links to a  range of free knitting patterns for babies guiding you on how to knit everything from clothes and accessories to baby blankets and whimsical projects. 

There are many crochet baby craft books available, however it can be difficult finding ones that have been published recently.  The following books have been published more recently.

Here you will find links to crochet books and baby clothes books featuring designs that are crochet.

Free Baby Knitting Pattern
Free Baby Knitting PatternsMaybe you would like to be inspired to begin knitting again or to find a book that another knitter recommends. The 'Rowan Babies Knitting Book' is my personal favourite.  I am a knitter of many years experience so for me to say I really love this pattern book is certainly a great recommendation!!

And I really do love this book. Click here to find out more.

Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns For Babies

Free Knitting Patterns For BabiesThe best place to find free knitting patterns for babies is to find someone who has been knitting for years and ask if you can have some of theirs.  My other favourite place of course is the library.  At my library I am able to request a book that I would like the library to purchase as well, and this way I am helping them to keep their pattern books up to date.  

Hand Knitting makes a wonderful gift for babies.  Here are links to sites that offer free knitting projects for babies.

Free Baby Knitting Pattern

Today the internet is a wonderful source of free crochet patterns for babies. Crocheting has come back into fashion, it seems that many young people are now wearing crochet garments, my own sisters included.

We will be adding more crochet and knitting free patterns so please bookmark this page and come back and see our new recommended links to crochet and knitting free patterns.

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