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Dealing With The Terrible Twos

dealing with the terrible twosMost parents of toddlers need help dealing with the terrible twos. The “Terrible Twos” have been given a name for a reason, right?

As parents we are challenged each and everyday as our wee baby turns into a walking and talking two year old with their own opinions and ability to share these! I love my two year old to the moon and back, but I have to say that he really is 'hard work' at times. I fear somedays that all he hears from me is "Jamie stop that", "Jamie don't......put that down......what did I say......."etc.

Does this read like a list of experiences you have each day that makes you feel like you are 'dealing with the terrible twos'?
  • Your child refuses to eat a meal, or screams for dessert without having eaten dinner?
  • Your little tyke won’t co-operate at bath time?
  • Getting your loved one to go to bed is impossible?
  • While driving with your toddler in the car seat, he drops a favorite toy and screams for you to pick it up for him, but you can’t reach it and find this impossible to explain to a 2-year old?

Most parents experience these situations daily, along with an infinite list of other “fights”. No wonder we refer to it as 'dealing with the terrible twos'. It tends to start around the age of 2, and and it pretty much goes on continually from there - only the circumstances change!

However there are effective language tools to help you navigate through most difficult situations with your children.

It is my belief that we need help with our parenting. Parenting is not something that you know 'what to do and how to do it' just because you were blessed with a child. It is exciting and richly rewarding to be given some effective tools to add to your parenting tool belt especially when it comes to dealing with the terrible twos.

terrible twosChris Thompson who has 15 years of experience learning techniques of influence, and persuasion and is a certified practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis has developed an audio course which shows you how to get your children to do what you want using covert language tools which he assures are guaranteed to work for you.

These tools help you get your kids to listen as soon as they are old enough to speak, and they remain valuable as your child grows up.

Successful people have the ability to guide somebody else’s thoughts in a more useful direction or to present more useful choices. These same techniques work wonderfully with children, and it is important to understand how to apply them. You simply need enough tools so that you, as a parent, are well equipped to solve a problem in many possible ways. If one tool isn’t working, how nice will it be to know that you have plenty of other great tools to fall back on?

Maybe we could then stop refering to this time as 'dealing with the terrible twos'.

To learn more about this Audio Course Click Here!

Here are what other Parents are saying about Talking To Toddlers:

"I am a qualified child care worker with 20 years of experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This audio course is very valuable. I learned lots of new ways of interacting with the children that were easy to implement and gave me amazing results in just a few days. I highly recommend this course to parents and carers who regularly supervise children."
Helen R. Thompson
Adelaide, Australia
"Chris' approach is well-balanced. Bribes and threats don't result in a healthy outcome. He skillfully teaches how to use effective and sustainable communication techniques for the little ones that we're nurturing."
Rob Harvie.
Toronto, Canada
"My husband I both listened to the audio course and loved it. We found the techniques very useful and now our son doesn't fight with us to brush his teeth anymore. We are both teachers and found the tools you teach in this audio course very helpful in our jobs as well. We would recommend this program to anyone who deals with toddlers and school-age children."
Teri Pearce.
Whitby, Canada
dealing with the terrible twos
To learn more about the Audio Course Talking To Toddlers Click Here!

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