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Free Potty Training Chart

Potty Training Charts, Stickers and Free Printable Potty Training Charts

Here you will find a free potty training chart that you can print. Reward charts for potty training such as a potty training sticker chart can help your child succeed with potty training. It is however essential to learn how to use them successfully first.

I am currently in the process of potty training my two year old son and I have found there are many merits to using a potty training chart with him.

Firstly it just adds that little bit of motivation and gives him the chance to get even more positive praise. It also works as instant feedback and is a way for us to track just how often he is using the potty.

Below you will find some links to a free potty training chart that I used so I hope these help you to become nappy free too!

I am a teacher and have needed to use motivational charts with children before. There are several guidelines I recommend when using a free potty training chart.

  • Only begin to use stickers and reward charts if you feel your child needs this added encouragement.
  • Set clear guidelines for yourself about how you will use a potty training chart and ensure all the family knows the 'rules'.
    Read the rest of the potty training chart guidelines

Recommended Potty Training E-Books

Each of these ebooks promise to help potty training your child to be more manageable by providing you with the knowledge, skills and information you will need.

Potty Training

Help Potty Training
Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days Audio Guide

This audio guide offers proven strategies for accelerated potty training and promises to be a complete solution to your potty training issues.

This is an MP3 file that can be downloaded and listened to on your computer, an I-pod or any other MP3 compatible audio device.

There are currently two bonuses offered when you order this e-book:
  • Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy a step-by-step ebook
  • Six Potty Training Wall Charts
To learn more about this book Click Here!

Potty Training Painless Potty Training

Painless Potty Training provides you with help potty training.  It is a comprehensive, authoritative e-book on:

- New methods of potty training
- When you should start the program
- Do's and Don'ts for potty training
- How to approach potty training
- How to deal with accidents

Painless Potty Training contains advice and information that will help you make the right decisions about potty training your child.

Help Potty Training How To Potty Train Your Child In Five Hours

Succeed with the H.E.A.R.T. method

This book shows you everything you need to know to potty train your child and make your child think it was their decision.  The tips and strategies are based on how children learn!

This is a method written by a parent with a degree in Psychology, who has been studying children's learning styles for over 20 years.

There are 5 free bonuses given with this book.
Free printable behavior, chore, potty charts and more with lots of helpful parenting tips and information!

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