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General Sleep Books

General books on getting babies to sleep have been written by a variety of people from parents to paediatricians and maternity nurses.  Each has their own programme, plan, set of rules or ideas about getting babies to sleep and as you can imagine these vary greatly. 

Dr Sears for example bases his guide on the concept of ‘attachment parenting’ while the Baby Wise Book states that attachment parenting concepts will ensure you do not have a good night’s sleep.

The book that will be right for you will depend a lot on your parenting philosophy.  If you are anything like me this will change over time and most especially when the approaches you try from one book don’t work for you.

When your baby doesn't sleep it causes massive stress and strain on all the members of a family. I know you can get to the point where you are feeling your baby sleeping problems are more than you can handle. Sleep deprivation night after night impacts on your whole life. If you are feeling like this then I can totally recommend you read several books on getting babies to sleep to find the answer you are looking for. They have been written by experts and this is where you need to turn. You need support.

You may be interested to read some books that have a firmer approach to babies and sleeping, or books that have a gentle approach to babies sleep. However your search goes I wish you a good nights sleep.

You can purchase any of these books in our baby books guide store.

A guide to some of the general books on getting babies to sleep

getting babies to sleep

The Baby Sleep Solution

In "The Baby Sleep Solution", you are provided with 23 techniques to determine which one works best for your baby's sleep discomforts. In just 35 minutes, you'll know how to get your baby to sleep soundly through the night. Simply download the Baby Sleep Solution audio program. Click Here!

Instead of spending hours and hours reading and researching how to solve these problems, simply listen to a practical "Talking Book"! Listen to the audio program on your iPod, on your computer or any mp3 player and discover how to solve these baby sleep problems quickly.

baby doesnt sleep

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Throught The Night

Within minutes, you can be reading the step-by-step instructions I share with parents who are dog tired because their baby won’t sleep through the night. Try my surefire method so you and your baby can get some uninterrupted sleep!
-- Robin Ariola
You can instantly download “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night – In a Weekend!” from this website and start training your baby to sleep all night, starting tonight. You don’t have to wait for the weekend! Click Here!

baby doesnt sleep

The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family
William Sears, Martha Sears, Robert Sears and James Sears

This book follows the attachment parenting philosophy and therefore advocates sleeping with your baby and the need to always respond to your babies cries. It also supports breastfeeding your baby to sleep so if you would like to read a book that supports this philosophy then this is the one for you.

2005, Little, Brown and Company

On Becoming Baby Wise

On Becoming Baby Wise: The Classic Sleep Reference Guide Used by Over 1,000,000 Parents Worldwide
Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam

A recommended classic which teaches parents how to naturally train their babies to sleep through the night by eight weeks of age.  The main proponents of the programme are parent-directed feeding and establishing a routine for your baby.  This book opposes attachment parenting.

2001, Parent-Wise Solutions

Read our book review

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The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep from Birth to Age 5
Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack

Sleep guides to the Hollywood Stars, Jennifer and Jill offer a solution to getting your baby to sleep which involves leaving baby to cry it out.  This approach has worked for many parents and they state it is all about understanding your babies’ cries and learning when and how to respond to them.   

2007, HCI

baby sleeping problems

The Sleepeasy Solution: The Complete Guide to Getting Your Baby or Toddler to Sleep

Starring: Jill Spivack, Jennifer Waldburger

The DVD that takes you through the sleepeasy solution.  A great idea for parents who are too tired to read a book this brings the authors and their approach right into your own living room.  As one mother stated ‘the DVD was great as my husband watched it with me but he would never have read the book!’.

Run Time:  97 minutes

getting babies to sleep

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Marc Weissbluth

This book is a step-by-step sleep program by a Paediatrician. It focuses on establishing good sleep habits for your child to prevent sleep problems from occurring. Includes a month by month guide to normal sleep patterns, including naps, and how to deal with common sleep problems.

2005, Ballantine Books

When getting babies to sleep becomes something you need help with many authors claim they can do just that. Please let us know which book, DVD or e-book helped you the most, also which didn't!

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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Within minutes, you can be reading the step-by-step instructions I share with parents who are dog tired because their baby won’t sleep through the night. Try my surefire method so you and your baby can get some uninterrupted sleep!
-- Robin Ariola
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