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Here one mother describes how she created a journal of her baby's life. I hope these journaling prompts give you the ideas you are looking for.

When I began making my son's baby book I had many journaling questions. How much information do I include? Do I write in the first person? What events do I journal? What I didn't bank on was experiencing the benefits of journaling. Now I finally was able to tell my son's story in my own words, his baby book was more meaningful and personal to us.

By Jamie Burchfield

Do you like to dabble in writing but your no expert? Well here is your opportunity. What else could be better to write about than your child?

Whenever my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child Bailey, I couldn't wait to tell her all of the things about her dad and I, her grandparents, and so on. I started searching for baby books that marked their mile stones and talked about our pregnancy.

The only thing was, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. That's what gave me the idea to journal our baby's life. It was great! I could write what I wanted, when I wanted and not have to worry about those blank lines all throughout the book.

Buying the Book

This was a very fun part for me because I like to shop. But even if you don't, it gives you an opportunity to express yourself for many years or generations to come. Remember all of those old photo albums that your parents drag out? This can be one of those books. Not to mention one that your child can show her friends and family saying, "this is what my mom or dad wrote to me." Wow, I wish I had one of these books!

When you are picking out, I would recommend something with a sturdy binder and a quality gage of paper. You don't want something that will be ripping as you turn the pages. Take your time and look all of the books over. Pick something that looks like you or tells a story about you. One time I almost picked a book with The Chronicles of Narnia on the cover because that was the movie my husband and I got to see on our first "date" after having our baby.

Some Journaling Prompts

When to Write

I would start writing right away. This for us was right before we had our ultrasound. I was able to write about the experience and all of the feelings running through my body and the way my husband squeezed my hand. Once I realized we were having a girl, I felt more compelled to write about our pregnancy.

I told her about how much weight I gained when I went to the doctor and my complications with breast feeding. It is a great opportunity for her to relate to another woman in her family if she ever decides to have a child.

You could also add your family medical history. These are things you wouldn't have room to talk about in a traditional book. Whenever you decide to write, it's not too late. So go ahead and get your ideas down while your memory is fresh. We all know, life happens and it's hard to hold on to the small stuff.

What to Write About - Journaling prompts

Don't fret about what to write. You will be surprised at how your mind will start to wonder and all of the memories you will want to cherish on paper. My father died when Bailey was 1.5 years old and all I could think about was how I didn't want her to forget him. Writing was an extra special way to let her know the emotions I was going through and share moments I had with my dad as a child.

On one occasion my mom, my dad, Bailey and I went out to eat breakfast. Well as children do, Bailey wanted to get up and down in her high chair. I kept trying to persuade her to sit still but it just wasn't happening. Real short and stern my father said, "Bailey, sit!" She froze in shock and slowly grabbed some food with her little hand. She didn't eat it, she just sat. My dad looked at me with a little smirking smile as if to say "that's how you get it done!" I will never forget that moment. I remember that tone and I KNOW how Bailey felt.


Remember, journaling is a fun, expressive way to talk to your child. Whatever you say it will be from the heart and special. So relax and enjoy silent time with your thoughts, a pen, and a little book. Who knows what tool you might create: rekindle a relationship, bridge a gap between different communication styles, or tell a story for generations to come. I hope I have inspired you to put your book in motion.

Article By: Jamie Burchfield
Are you looking for a baby journal book to record your baby's milestones? Journaling can be a very therapeutic thing to do.   Here is a list of some journals that other parents have recommended and treasured. They will give you the journaling prompts you are looking for.
Please share your journaling prompts with us.

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