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Valentines Day Books For Children

It is special to have a kids valentines day. To help you teach more about this special holiday there are many Valentines Day Children's Books which have been written to help you teach about the history behind valentines day and the true meaning.

Valentines Day is a wonderful holiday to share with young children. We can use Valentine's Day to encourage discussions about caring for others, feelings of love and other warm emotions. With the help of this holiday we can teach our children about the importance of love, caring for others and the joy of giving rather than receiving.

Red and pink hearts, flowers and chocolates, cupids and doves, cards and letters with sweet or silly sayings written on them-all these things mean it's Valentine's Day!
The Story of Valentine's Day
By Clyde Robert Bulla

There are many well recommended kids Valentines Day books which have been written and each would make a lovely gift for your baby or toddler. Below you will find the most recommended children's Valentines Day Books. There are also several books that have been written to teach young children about the history of Valentine's Day.

There are many other cute Valentines's Day Gifts for your Baby or Toddler as well as kids valentines day books.

When Is Valentines Day?

Valentine's Day is celebrated each year on February 14th.

Recommended Valentines Day Children's Books

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kids valentines days
Where Is Baby's Valentine?: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Board book)
By Karen Katz

Baby made a valentine for Mommy. Where could it be?
Is it behind the lamp? No, those are pretty, sparkly flowers!

This popular book is a shiny, glittering delight as you lift the sturdy flaps to help Baby find her very special valentine. Karen Katz is the author of many very popular first books.

kids valentines day
My Fuzzy Valentine
By: Naomi Kleinberg
Illustrator: Louis Womble

It’s Valentine’s Day and Elmo’s received an anonymous valentine. Who could have sent it?
He checks with all of his friends and finds the answer right back where he started looking—at home!

Kids will love touching the fuzzy flocking on every spread! This is a lovely book to help celebrate kids valentines day.

when is Valentines Day
My First Valentine's Day Book (First Holiday Books)
(Board book)
By Editors of Kingfisher

This fun, interactive board book, the latest offering in the best-selling First Holiday Books series, helps young children get ready for their own kids Valentines Day.

Cuddly creatures exchanging Valentine's greetings introduce toddlers to the tradition of card giving on February 14. Every spread features adorably illustrated animals and a little envelope that can be opened to reveal a cute Valentine's card inside.

Lively rhyming text encourages discussion about feelings and love, making this the perfect title for parents to share with their little ones.

History Behind Valentines Day

history behind Valentines Day
The Story of Valentine's Day
By: Nancy Skarmeas
Illustrator: Stacy Pickett-Venturi

(Board book)

In only 200 words, author Skarmeas tells the story of how Valentine's Day came into being.

In simple words that every child can understand, here is the story of the kindly Valentine who cared for the children of Rome, who prayed for a miracle for a blind child, and who is remembered each February 14.

This book is unusual in that it briefly explains the history of a holiday to toddlers.

Artist Pickett has painted the scenes in bright colors from the schoolroom scenes to those of ancient Rome.

kids Valentine's Day
The Story of Valentine's Day (Trophy Picture Books)
By: Clyde Robert Bulla
Illustrator: Susan Estelle Kwas

Trophy Picture Books

The Story of Valentine's Day, artfully illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas, paints the history of this age-old occasion in a style and presentation that's as straight as a Cupid's arrow.

Kids will learn about the mysterious character Valentine, how the tradition of the day spread to other countries, and when the very first valentine was written.

If inspired, they can make their own old-fashioned valentines and sugar cookies with the instructions in the back! This book is recommended for children 4 years and older.

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