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Potty Training Basics

Article on potty training basics by:   Painless Potty Training

Here are some potty training basics to read up on before you start potty training your child.

Potty training is a big step forward for your child's development and he needs a lot of patience and support. Occasional toilet accidents are normal in a child, and parents must take it as being part of the process.

They need to stay calm. It is also very important for the parents to maintain a positive and generous spirit when potty training their child.

Potty Training Basics If your child is distressed during potty training, look at things from her point of view. For a child, her diaper is her comfort zone. Without it, she feels exposed and vulnerable. Consider also that the sight of her feces frightens or even disgusts her. She might be shocked to see that the material comes from her own body. Furthermore, it is much easier for her to wear a diaper than to potty train.

Give her specific reassurance. Hugs and cuddles during potty training help to boost her confidence. You will find that your child gradually begins to overcome her early anxieties once she grows comfortable with the training routine. Ever small success in her training push her one stage higher, as her anxieties diminish and her self-esteem grows. Both of you will share in this delightful experience.

Some Potty Training Basics

Potty training will only be a success if:

  • The training starts at the right time.
    This is when the child is ready for the challenge and is being asked to achieve a skill that is she is physically able to do. Never potty train too soon. Wait until you think she is ready before starting the training process.
  • Parents don't expect too much, too quickly.
    If expectations are high and unrealistic, the child will feel like a failure. Poor timing will reduce her bladder control. Allow her to move through training at her own speed.
  • Wetting incidents are tolerated.
    A child does not deliberately wet herself during potty training. These incidents are a part of the learning process. Never punish her for the lapses along the way, as they are perfectly normal.
  • The training is not stressful.
    Both parent and child need to be relaxed while potty training is under way. Fight any feeling of tension you have over potty training. Enjoy the training with your child. Find ways to make the training child-friendly and stress-free.
  • Parents are persistent.
    A child is disappointed if her parents give up on potty training just because she is making slow progress. So stick with your support for her, even if training is taking months rather than weeks.
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Potty Training BasicsPainless Potty Training is a comprehensive, authoritative e-book which provides you with help potty training.  It covers:

- New methods of potty training
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Painless Potty Training contains advice and information that will help you make the right decisions about potty training your child.  It is the only guide you will need.

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