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Baby Books

Potty Training Girls

Potty Training girls is different to potty training boys. Thankfully there are many resources available specifically for potty training girls such as videos, books, reward charts, dolls, and yes, even an actual potty set.  Here is a selection of some of the most recommended girl potty training resources.

You could also read about when to start potty training as well as well as learn some of the potty training techniques.

potty training girls

Potty Training Tips For Girls DVD

Potty Training Girls
Once Upon a Potty For Her

This is the video to accompany the story of Prudence who learns to use the potty - a well loved classic.  Some parents totally love this video and others find it outdated.  It is hard to miss it when you are in search of a Potty Training Video all the same.

30 min. run time

Potty Training A Girls Books

Girl Potty Training Once upon a Potty: Hers
Alona Frankel

One of the classics when it comes to potty training girls, this book has been around for over 30 years and sold more than 4 million copies world wide.  The star of this book is a wee girl called 'Prudence' who learns about potty training.  While most parents love Prudence and the simple way she learns to love using her potty, others found the book needed up-dating.  Still a classic is a classic!

2007, Firefly Books

Potty Training Girls  The Potty Book - For Girls
Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott

A fun yet instructional book that is fun to read when you are potty training girls.  It is told in rhyme and  stars Hannah and her teddy bear while they learn to master the new skills involved with potty training.

2000, Barron's Educational Series

potty training girls  My Potty Book for Girls (Dk Preschool)
DK Publishing

I love this book because it uses photographs of a little girl and her teddy learning how to use the potty.  It has a simple rhyme text and covers all the steps needed to lean to potty train.  It comes with a simple sticker chart and stickers.

2008, DK Preschool

Potty Training A Girl Charts and Rewards Stickers

Potty training girls My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls: 126 Girl Potty Training Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training
Tracy Foote

A set of 126 stickers with different 'potty' related pictures on them, many featuring girls.  You can stick them on the motivational chart that comes as your child has accomplished one of their potty training milestones or just use them separately and stick them on your daughter's hand or clothes.
Tracy Foote has also written a potty activity book which you could use with these stickers.


potty training a girl Potty Training Chart & Stickers by Potty Patty (For Girls)
Narmin Parpia

A complete potty training rewards set which includes everything from the stickers, to the chart, to a certificate as well as a guide for the parents.  You can personalise this set by adding your daughter's photo and name to the chart.

2007, Mom Innovations

Girl Potty Training Extras

potty training doll  Award Winning Potty Training Doll for Girls
by Goetz, Germany

This very cute doll won the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Product Award! She is a 13" anatomically correct vinyl doll.  She is a wet/dry doll so as soon as you give her a drink, it comes right out the other end!  Thankfully she comes with her own potty, towel and bottle.

potty training girls  Once Upon a Potty Gift Bundle – Girl
 by Child Matters Corp.

This is a gift set which includes a saddle potty, the classic book, Once Upon a Potty and the star of the book Prudence (an anatomically correct soft doll) who comes with her own potty.  
See the book and video above to complete the set.

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