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Potty Training Toddler Books: For Children

Potty Training Toddler books fall into two camps. There are those that are instructional and those that are meant to entertain. I highly recommend giving your child their very own picture book to read about using the potty. The younger you can give it to them the better.

My personal favourite is the 'My Potty Book For Boys or My Potty Book For Girls'. I think that this is a MUST have book as it has real photos of other toddlers using the potty and outlines the basic list of 'what to do'. You can read my review of this book here.

Below you will find a list of the potty training toddler picture books that other parents most recommend. To make it easier for you I have listed them by: instructional and entertaining.

You can purchase any of these books or any other potty training resources you may need from our baby books guide store.

Instructional Potty Training Books

Some potty training toddler books can be labelled as instructional books as they act as an aid to teaching your child the steps involved in potty training.  Other potty books are instructional because they give you, the parent, a lot of information about potty training, such as readiness to use the potty and helpful tips and strategies, as well as being a picture book for your child.  These are some of the most recommended instructional potty training books for children.

Potty Training Toddler
 My Potty Book for Boys (Dk Preschool)
DK Publishing

This book is also available for girls.  It is my son's personal favourite and mine too. I love this book because it uses photographs of a little boy and his teddy learning how to use the potty.  It has a simple rhyme text and covers all the steps needed to learn to potty train.  It comes with a simple sticker chart and stickers.
Read my review of this book

Potty Training Toddler
 The Potty Book - For Girls
Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott

This book is also available for boys.  A fun yet instructional book that is fun to read when you are potty training girls.  It is told in rhyme and  stars Hannah and her teddy bear while they learn to master the new skills involved with potty training.

2000, Barron's Educational Series

 Potty Training Toddler
A Potty for Me!: A Lift-the-Flap Instruction Manual
Karen Katz

This book is written from the child's point of view and helps address the anxiety your child may have while using the potty and gives them a wee catch phrase to hold on to 'I'm so proud of me'.  The lift the flap idea is great to give your child a book they can interact with.  

2004, Little Simon

Potty Training Toddler You Can Go to the Potty (Sears Children Library)
William Sears, Martha Sears, Christie Watts Kelly, Renee Andriani (Illustrator)

From the Sears family this is the 'attachment parenting' potty book.  It features a lot of information for parents and follows a child through their potty training experience starting from buying their own underwear.

2002, Little, Brown Young Readers

Entertaining Potty Training Books

These books will not necessarily go through the steps of how to use the potty, but they do promise to entertain your child while they are on the potty.  It is a good idea to find some entertaining books about using the potty to read to your potty training toddler as they may help your child have more of a positive attitude towards using the potty.  

Potty Training Toddler
Too Big for Diapers (Too Big Board Books)

In this book Ernie is playing and then stops and goes to the potty deciding he is now too big for diapers.  Many parents have said their child asks them to read this book over and over.  It may be simplistic, but if your child loves the baby Seaseme Street characters then this would be a good book to read to them while potty training.
2000, Random House

Potty Training Toddler Have You Seen My Potty?
Mij Kelly (Author), Mary McQuillan (Illustrator)

This book would be a great one for the child who is almost there as it really brings in the bathroom humor as Suzy Sue is looking for her lost potty and asking all the animals in the story if they have seen it.  Their facial expressions say it all.

2007, Barron's Educational Series 

Which potty training books did you read that you would recommend. Which ones would you NOT recommend.

Please contact us we'd love to hear from you.

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