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Potty Training Toddlers

When it comes to potty training toddlers there are three key stages:

Potty Training Readiness

Before you embark on your potty training journey it is important to understand that the key to your success will finding the right time to start potty training with your child. Learn more about when to start potty training.   

There is a lot more to look out for than just the ideal potty training age.

Using the potty requires a lot of skills and you may well be beating your head against a brick wall if you decide you want your toddler to be potty trained before it is even possible for them developmentally.

Diane Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist, in Potty Training for Dummies   (p.6) note this well when they say:

Potty Training ToddlersQuote:  "See me hold back my pee or poop until I reach the potty.  See me walk, tug down clothes, wipe myself, pull up clothes, flush the toilet.  See me even want to do these things alone."  And besides self control, walking, undressing and climbing onto the potty, she may have to run the 100 yard dash in order to get to the bathroom on time.  

Once you have established that your child is ready and you have chosen the best time for you and your family then it is time to begin.

Tips on Potty Training Preparation

Learn some of the potty training basics
  • Model the correct use of the toilet for your potty training toddlers.  Let them watch you go.
  • Ensure you have all the equipment you will need.  You could buy this with your child to really help motivate them.
  • There are many potty training books that have been written for parents that you many like to read, you may also like to read a potty training e-book.
  • Explore some of the many potty training toddlers resources you can get specifically for potty training girls and for potty training boys. .  Choose the ones that are right for you and your child.
  • Really talk up using the potty.  Make it sound fun and exciting.
  • Allow your child to go commando (bare bottom!) at some times in the day.
  • Ensure your child has a 'using the potty' vocabulary.
  • Ensure you know all the potty training tips, as different tips work for different children.
  • Ask your friends who have succeeded in the 'potty training' department what they did that worked for them and what they would have done differently. Hearing the potty training stories from others can really help.

Some Potty Training Techniques

  • Help motivate your child. What ways can you come up with that will really make your child want to use the potty?  You know them best.
  • You may like to use a motivational potty training chart. These free potty training charts might help.
  • Use a doll to help model behavior.  Potty train the doll first.  You can get some great wet/dry dolls, who wet when you feed them and come with their own pottys.
  • Watch a potty training video with your toddler.
  • Read books with your toddler about using the potty. Read a review of 'My Potty Book For Boys'. 
  • Begin to use training pants (and clean up the messes as they happen) Or use pull up nappies Or a combination of both.
  • Watch your toddler.   What are their signals to show you they are about to go?   Is there a pattern to the times they go? 
  • Watch the clock.  Set a timer and take your child to the potty every hour and after meals.
  • Turn on a tap while your toddler is sitting on the potty. (The trickle of water noise is very suggestive!)
  • Ensure that you and other family members are really enthusiastic and supportive.
  • Lavish on the praise.
  • Make a game out of using the potty.
  • Teach your child good hygiene such as washing their hands.
  • Be well planned and organised when potty training on the go. Learn some potty training solutions to the issue of potty training while travelling.

Please send us your tried and true potty training techniques so we can add them to our site.

We would like to add some stories about potty training toddlers to our site.  Would you like to share your story about potty training with us?  

Which potty training books did you read that you would recommend. Which ones would you NOT recommend.

Please contact us we'd love to hear from you.

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