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Great Gifts For Expectant Dads

There are many well recommended books which cover pregnancy for men and they make great gifts for expectant dads and help them work out their fatherhood role. I know when I was pregnant with my son I desperately wanted my husband to read all the books about pregnancy that I was. But alas he was just not as interested as I was.

I now see the error of my ways. I should have given him a book which covered pregnancy for men. These books have been written by men and are written for men in guy language. With this well recommended list I am sure you will have success in getting your guy to read all about pregnancy for men!

pregnancy for men The Dudes' Guide to Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Expecting Wife, Coming Baby, and the End of Life as You Knew It
By Bill Lloyd and Scott Finch
Wellness Central (2008)

When a couple gets pregnant, typically, the first thing the mother-to-be does is rush out to the bookstore to buy the various pregnancy bibles. But how is the expectant father supposed to know what to expect?

He could wait in the dark and take his cues from his partner, or he could prepare himself for anything and everything by seeking the counsel of two regular dudes, who have climbed the steep learning curve (and lived to tell) that comes when having a baby.

The Dudes' Guide to Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Expecting Wife, Coming Baby, and the End of Life as You Knew It dispenses irreverent, honest, practical advice for the expectant father in an easy-to-understand--and often hilarious--man-to-man format.

Taking you through the entire nine month process, the Dudes offer advice on what to expect from your newly pregnant wife (paranoia, morning sickness, enlarged breasts, no sex); the dos and don'ts of dealing with your wife's body and mood changes, your mother-in-law and other family members; and the nitty-gritty details of what is expected of you and how your life will be changing during the next 40 weeks.

THE DUDES' GUIDE TO PREGNANCY is a well recommended pregnancy for men books which gives twenty-something to forty-something men the indespensible tools and advice they need to maneuver the many ups and downs associated with impending fatherhood.

pregnancy for men Go to Guides for Guys ABCs for Expectant Dads (Go-to Guides for Guys)
By Todd Barrett Lieman

For every father-to-be wondering about life with baby, comes Todd Barrett Lieman's witty ABCs for Expectant Dads. This Go-To Guide for GuysTM includes more than 100 pages of point-blank information from the intriguing APGAR score to all the ZZzzzz s that Dad won t be getting after baby is born!

ABCs for Expectant Dads tells the special guy in your life what's what with fatherhood, from that life-changing, line on the stick moment to baby's first sippy cup.

"It's the ultimate A-Z guide for new dads, as they wade their way through some VERY unfamiliar waters," says Lieman a veteran writer and new dad.

ABCs for Expectant Dads pulls no punches with bright, informative entries like:
  • Diapers: How can something that seems so harmless be so . . . not harmless?
  • Fear: Holy moly, you have a kid! What the heck were you thinking?
  • iPod: The labor process can take hours upon hours and hours upon hours. It can take days. So it s important to have some music in the birth room.
  • Jealousy: You are gonna feel it. You ll be jealous of your kid. You'll be jealous of your partner. You'll be jealous of your friends that don't have kids. You'll be jealous of the 18-year-old kid down the street with the hot girlfriend.
  • Layette: An expensive French name for stuff your baby needs ...
  • Maternity Clothes: Repeat this phrase, Honey, you look awesome in that outfit.
  • Baby Monitors: Watching and listening to your kid will become an addiction, but is potentially good practice for when she is a teenager and has a boy in the house.
  • Opportunity Weight: You get to order whatever you want and/or finish what she doesn't. It's great fun!
  • Poop: It's what you fear most.
  • Strollers: Shopping for a stroller is like shopping for a car . . . It's the first thing you ll notice when another family strolls by. You ll whisper with envy if they have a more expensive model, and you ll silently mock them if they have the cheap equivalent.
  • Ultrasound: A serious reality check.
  • Wife (if applicable): After this experience, if you don t think she's the most amazing person on the planet, you should be shot.
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Due Dads , The Man’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy.

Most fathers-to-be will politely page through the pregnancy books their wives give them and throw them in a drawer. Dads like to learn on the job. For an alternate approach, you can check out the recommended pregnancy for men DVD Due Dads , The Man’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy. Due dads need to know everything behind the scenes in a pregnancy, with a heavy dose of guy humor thrown in.
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Other Pregnancy Books

My pregnancy journal is the most wonderful gift I have to give to my baby in years to come as it documents the beginning of their life.

Pregnancy magazines are great fun to read while you are pregnant. This is a time when you deserve to read something that is dedicated to you and let's face it they are full of pictures of women who make being pregnant look good.

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