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Many pregnancy stories in books about pregnancy give us stories we can relate to when we find ourselves pregnant. I found that people love to share their own pregnancy stories but as a first time pregnant woman I seemed to attract my fair share of them!

Here you will find a well recommended DVD about teenage pregnancies, a book full of up-lifting stories about pregnancy, a link to a website dedicated to sharing pregnancy stories particularly for the over 40's mums. As well as links to the well recommended fit pregnancy magazine and other pregnancy magazines.

Teenage Pregnancies DVD

pregnancy stories Fifteen & Pregnant (The True Stories Collection)

A True Story of Teen Parenthood.

Tina Spangler is 15 years old and pregnant. Her future looks bleak and her options are few. Abandoned by her boyfriend, she has only one person to turn to: her loving mother, Evie, a woman who knows the harsh realities of being a single mother – she’s one herself.

Just as Tina’s pregnancy has torn her world apart, it could both reunite a shattered family and help Tina to find her true purpose in life: to have someone to care for – and someone to love.

Based on a true story, this emotional drama stars Park Overall (Biloxi Blues, Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story), Kirsten Dunst (Interview with The Vampire, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Virgin Suicides) and David Andrews (Apollo 13, Wyatt Earp). DVD extras include: About the Film, About the Stars, Interactive Menus, Scene Selections, Trailers

Pregnancy Stories in Books

A Cup Of Comfort For Mothers To Be: Stories That Celebrate a Very Special Time (Cup of Comfort Series Book)
By Colleen Sell
Adams Media; (2006)

A Cup of Comfort for Mothers to Be is a celebration of a very extraordinary time in your life-the nine months that make you into a mother.

From joy to fear, from morning sickness to the first kicks, moms to be just like you tell their stories in this new addition to the beloved Cup of Comfort series. A Cup of Comfort for Mothers to Be brings the heartwarming stories of pregnant women to life, including:

Diana, who discovers that finding the perfect name for her son is an unforgettable historical adventure

Judy, whose young son J.P. closely monitors his unborn sibling's progress

Candace, who while listening to generations of mothers share stories realizes that she is about to enter the "secret club of motherhood"

These touching accounts of the most exciting months of a new mother's life are sure to warm your heart-and those of the loved ones who surround you during this emotional and amazing period of your life.

As of March 20/07, I have collected 3,431 stories. At least 90% of these stories pre-date the DE era of 1990, or were a complete surprise to the over 44y old mom-to-be. How can it be so rare, so impossible, such a miracle - when I can find so many??? My goal is to simply share stories I find online, for inspiration - to… those trying - and comfort to those who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant! Sort of a "chicken soup for the TTC over 44 soul". Your stories & feedback are welcome!

Fit Pregnancy Magazine

Pregnancy Calendars

Pregnancy Books

My pregnancy journal is the most wonderful gift I have to give to my baby in years to come as it documents the beginning of their life.

Pregnancy magazines are great fun to read while you are pregnant. This is a time when you deserve to read something that is dedicated to you and let's face it they are full of pictures of women who make being pregnant look good.

Pregnancy For Men
Most fathers-to-be will politely page through the pregnancy books their wives give them and throw them in a drawer. Dads like to learn on the job. Many of these books teach men what they need to know everything behind the scenes in a pregnancy, with a heavy dose of guy humor thrown in. These are the pregnancy books men will read and we hope relate to.

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