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Baby Books

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The following pregnancy websites will help you find some of the resources you will need through your pregnancy such as: Pregnancy Stories , Pregnancy Tickers, a fun Pregnancy Quiz, some useful pregnancy calendars and the most recommended pregnancy books.

These pages are packed with the information that you will be searching for during your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. It is the most wonderous experience and yet it is a real emotional and physical rollarcoaster.

I have found that most of my friends had quite a different experience. Some sailed through their pregnancy and others vomitted from the beginning to the end, it would be hard to enjoy it then! We would love to include your Pregnancy Stories on our site so please feel free to send them in.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine

Pregnancy Calendars

Pregnancy Books

My pregnancy journal is the most wonderful gift I have to give to my baby in years to come as it documents the beginning of their life.

Pregnancy magazines are great fun to read while you are pregnant. This is a time when you deserve to read something that is dedicated to you and let's face it they are full of pictures of women who make being pregnant look good.

Pregnancy For Men
Most fathers-to-be will politely page through the pregnancy books their wives give them and throw them in a drawer. Dads like to learn on the job. Many of these books teach men what they need to know everything behind the scenes in a pregnancy, with a heavy dose of guy humor thrown in. These are the pregnancy books men will read and we hope relate to.

Pregnancy Stories
Many pregnancy stories in books about pregnancy give us stories we can relate to when we find ourselves pregnant. Here you will find a well recommended DVD about teenage pregnancies, a book full of up-lifting stories about pregnancy, a link to a website dedicated to sharing pregnancy stories particularly for the over 40's mums. As well as links to the well recommended fit pregnancy magazine and other pregnancy magazines.

Cesarean Births
Cesearan Recovery by Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy has become a bible in my doula practice specialising in cesarean births. At less than 130 pages, this relatively short and well illustrated tome is brilliant at offering advice and hope to mums who have a cesarean birth. Read the rest of this review.

When A Child Is Born is the most beautiful and informative pregnancy book I was given when I was pregnant with my son. This wonderful book review by Joy Cagill teaches us a lot about the author and photographer as well as bringing the true magic of the book to life. The unedited, groundbreaking photographs show all aspects and details of life from conception to birth.

Recommended Pregnancy Websites
We're built by parents for parents. We've banded together to build a website to educate, empower, and connect ourselves, other parents, and people trying to become parents.

Please share with us your favourite pregnancy websites.

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