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I am always on the lookout for high quality preschool teaching ideas so I was thrilled to find this well recommended list of preschool lessons and preschool curriculum ideas from a very experienced Early Years educator.

Each of these books has also received high praise and many positives reviews on so they are clearly preschool curriculum activities books that other teachers and parents recommend as well.

Please share your book reviews of any of the following books with us. We would love to add more recommended books with preschool teaching ideas to our site.

The Preschoolers Lesson Plans For Toddlers - 5 Best

By J A Johnson

Your baby begins the learning process from the time they are born and it is up to you, the parents, to stimulate and nurture your toddler's thirst for learning at an early age.

If you are like most parents you are always looking for fun and educational ideas to keep your baby entertained while at the same time preparing him or her for preschool and beyond. Many experts believe that it will benefit your child to be exposed early on to preschoolers lesson plans.

Of course lesson plans for toddlers that might not yet be ready for the full preschool curriculum need to be geared towards steady and natural development of skills that will be essential to the learning process ahead.

I have put together a list of 5 top resources for parents and their toddlers that will keep you both focused on what the most important areas of learning and development are for children of their age. All of the resources presented are terrific for preparing your child for preschool and beyond.

Top Resources For Developing Creative Activities & Lesson Plans For Toddlers:

preschool teaching ideas
Total Learning: Developmental Curriculum for the Young Child
By Joanne Hendrick

While this is a book aimed at teachers of young children, any parent looking to develop an age appropriate curriculum for their young child will find tremendous value in this book.

Rather than focusing on a specific subject area, this book will help you to develop your own lesson plans that will give a head start to your toddler on his or her way to preschool.

preschool curriculum activities
Creative Activities for Young Children
By Mary Mayesky

This is a special book that teachers and parents alike rely heavily on to assist in bringing out the creative side of your child. The purpose of this book is to assist you in developing the types of activities that will stimulate creativity in your child.

Resource lists abound as Mary provides many lists of recommendations for things such as: poems, software lists, food recipes, useful websites, picking the right children's books and lots more. Not only for toddlers, Mary's incredible book will serve you and your child well into their 5th year.

preschool lessons
Creative Resources for Infants & Toddlers (Creative Resources for Infants and Toddlers)
By Judy Herr and Terri Swim

One of the most popular books of its kind, Judy and Terri's book looks at your child's development as a whole.

They show signs to look for of developmental traits in both weekly and monthly increments. This offering will help you to establish a strong foundation for your toddler's future education.

preschool curriculum ideas
Discover Reading Baby Edition
By Hooked on Phonics

Included in this program are an audio CD, parent easel book, board books, and the "Hooked on Baby" DVD.

This complete learning package supplies all of the tools you need to teach your baby important language skills early on. Developed for children ages 3 - 18 months old, your baby's senses will be stimulated and a positive bond will be made forever between books and reading.

preschool lesson plan
The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos: Over 2000 Experiences and Ideas
By Pam Schiller

Pam Schiller's series of books early curriculum for children are widely recognized by parents as one of the best. Pam's book is an incredible source of information on every aspect of your toddler's development.

You will find yourself constantly refering to this book for lesson, song, craft ideas as well as countless others. Truly a must have for all new parents.

Hopefully this will help with your decision on what materials will assist you on your child's journey into learning and development. The resources that I have listed above are certainly not the only good materials that you have available to you. However, they do represent books and resources that are considered by many parents and educators to be some of the best available.

A note from the author of this book review:

Visit the complete preschoolers lesson plans for toddlers and you will find links to all of the resources above as well as more helpful information. I am always trying to bring parents useful articles and resources at related to your toddler. Stop by and have a look

Please share your book reviews of any of the following books with us. We would love to add more recommended books with preschool teaching ideas to our site.

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