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The Idea Behind This Site

Jamie and ISo what is the idea behind this site?  

Well.....When I had my baby, I can’t count how many times I wished he’d come with a manual. I had an endless list of questions. While I wanted to rely on my own instincts, I wanted information too. So I went in search of answers.

That was when I came to realise that the problem wasn’t that my baby didn’t come with a manual, the problem was there were too many manuals out there. It was all very confusing.  

This is me with my son Jamie aged 12months.  
He is wearing a kilt as his dad is Scottish!

As parents today we are bombarded with information on how to parent, from the TV, magazines, books as well as family and friends, it gets quite overwhelming.  

While I was pregnant I began to read baby parenting books and search the Internet for the answers to my many questions.  Once I had my son this continued and  I also found myself immersed in a world of 'babies, toddlers and parents' which is of course is where I have learnt the most about being a parent. 

I have to be honest and say I am not really a 'book parent', so the idea behind this site did not come from that.  I definitely enjoy to read baby parenting books, but I have never read one and followed the approach in it to the letter.  Some of my friends have found a book they felt was a good fit for them and this has helped them feel more confident as a parent. I guess I tend to read the baby parenting books like I do cook books, picking and choosing the parts that I'd like to know about  at that time.  I guess this is a way for me to keep the influx of information to a minimum.

Jamie and IBefore I had my son I enjoyed 10 years of working as a primary school teacher. I look forward to going back to the classroom, but right now I am very happy to be home with my son Jamie.   During the last few years I was teaching I also completed my masters degree in education.  

I guess you could say the idea behind this site comes from the fact that I love to learn, love to teach people how to learn and love to research.  So learning about how we as parents find information about our babies and toddlers has now become a huge interest of mine and I have compiled the vast bulk of my research into this site for you.

This site is fluid and keeps changing and growing.  I don't know if I ever see a day when it will be finished!  So keep coming back, bookmark the pages you like AddThis Social Bookmark Button , join my RSS feed ( see the orange box at the bottom of the nav bar) and sign up for my free newsletter to keep up-dated with the changes to the site.  I have great plans and dreams for it as it grows and develops.  I hope you find this site informative and a useful resource as that is my intention.  I'd love to hear from you too, let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting.


PS.  You can learn more about me here.

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