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When To Start Potty Training

 As you are considering when to start potty training with your toddler imagine how much of a full on process it is for our toddlers:
  • They need to be able to communicate they need to go
  • Follow instructions on where to go
  • And follow instructions on how to go

The best thing you can do to ensure you have success with potty training is to choose the right time to start.  Make sure that you are ready to be calm and patient with your toddler.  Choose a time when you are not under any stress and there are no big changes in your family life.

When To Start Potty Training When To Start Potty Training

It would be unwise to push your child into using the potty or toilet before they are ready as you could end up with a rebellion on your hands and totally put them off.

Our toddlers are mastering many new skills each and every day as they are developmentally ready.  Potty training should also be one of those milestones your toddler gets to meet when they are developmentally ready. This timing will be different for every child.

Potty Training Readiness Signs

You will know when to start potty training, by observing your toddler for some well know potty training readiness signals.  Not all toddlers will meet all of these but most of the following will show they are ready:


  • They stay dry for one or two hours.
  • They occasionally wake up dry from their nap.
  • Their bowel movements become regular - often occurring at the same time each day. 
  • Their stools are well formed.
  • They can stop the flow of urine after it has begun.
  • They are beginning to learn to dress themselves.

Cognitive (what they understand)

  • They are aware of their bodily functions.  They may grunt or tell you they are going.
  • They have an understanding of the 'toilet terms' such as wee, poo, toilet, potty etc.
  • They recognise the physical feelings of needing to urinate or have a bowel movement.


  • They may not like to be in a wet or 'dirty' nappy any more and ask to have it changed.
  • They are becoming independent.
  • They can sit still for five minutes.

If you feel that your child is displaying most of these readiness signals even then some experts agree it is a good idea to wait for three months to really have each one in place.

Potty Training

Help Potty Training
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